New Move In

Now that your tenant has signed the lease to take occupancy of your property. We have signed the lease agreement and the tenant will be given the keys to the property on the start date of the lease. There are a few items that we would like to address with you at this time.

  1. Accounting Statements and Disbursements: Your rental disbursement will be sent to you between 8th and 10th business day (not calendar) every month providing your tenant has paid on time. You will also receive a copy of your monthly statement in your on-line owner portal on the last day of each month. Please be sure that you have checked your on-line statement before you call the office. Your statement will reflect all rental income received as well as any associated costs for the property. Maintenance costs, Eviction Protection Plan fees and Management fees will be deducted from rental income. 1099’s is prepared annually for tax purposes. The individual to whom the payment is made will receive the 1099 and will thus be responsible for all tax implications associated with the filing of that 1099. Please make sure that the appropriate name is associated with your disbursement. Consult with your tax attorney or CPA for tax planning purposes.
  2. Property Evaluations: Your property will be evaluated by 1Aver approximately every 3-4 months throughout the lease term unless you declined this service at the signing of your management agreement. We notify the tenant of the evaluation and either view the property with them present, or by ourselves if they are not available. During the evaluation we are looking at general conditions of the external and internal areas of the home. We are also evaluating for any lease compliance issues (smoking, pets, additional tenants not mentioned on lease, etc.). If the tenant is in violation of any section of the lease agreement, they will be notified of the non-compliance and be given a determined amount of time to remedy the situation. A detailed report will be posted to your online portal from our maintenance coordinator with suggestions for anything that we have been able to observe, and we will act in accordance with our maintenance agreement in place.
  3. Property Maintenance: Our maintenance team is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for property maintenance and emergency call-outs. 1Aver uses every ounce of precaution and discretion to keep your maintenance costs as low as possible. There are, however habitability laws, in the state of North Carolina that do require homeowners and management companies to maintain the premises in habitable conditions at all times. Items such as heat, water, sewage, electricity, necessary appliances, etc. are covered under these laws and require immediate attention should there be a problem. If your home was leased with certain appliances or amenities, they are required to be in operable condition throughout the term of the lease agreement. 1Aver will coordinate all maintenance activities per the management agreement. Please keep in mind that we bill for the total time it takes to get the job completed including trips to supply store, haul away of old parts, trash, materials, etc. 1Aver retains highly qualified technicians to complete its work and is confident that the work is done in a timely fashion to accommodate the tenant and done right in efficient manner for the homeowner.